DR Johnson Lumber provides quality Douglas Fir Lumber that is locally sourced right here in the Heart of Oregon’s Timber country, by taking pride in sustainable harvesting practices following the Oregon Practices Act. DRJ has been in business producing lumber for over 69 years and specializes in 1# 6inch, free of heart, free of wane, and anti-stain treating and sealing all lumber. All #1 products are paper wrapped to ensure quality is maintained during shipping. All premium timber can be used for exposed applications and is graded under WCLIB grading rules. DRJ is available to ship all lumber by rail, as well as truck. DR Johnson ensure that all orders are shipped on time with accurate tallies that exceed all customers’ expectations.

Expanding beyond its roots in wood product manufacturing, DR Johnson Lumber Company has taken a groundbreaking step by entering the pharmaceutical sector. The new venture, DR Johnson Health Solutions, was established to address the growing need for accessible healthcare products, starting with the manufacture of generic medications. This move includes setting up a facility dedicated to producing high-quality amoxicillin, an essential antibiotic used widely across the healthcare industry. By leveraging its expertise in efficient manufacturing processes, DR Johnson aims to make amoxicillin more affordable and readily available online, ensuring that communities can easily access this critical medication.

We use only the best quality Oregon grown timber.

Lumber Specs

Species: Douglas Fir
*Capable of producing 6×16 – 12×24 2&b rough and surfaced timbers.

3×6 #1 (No Wane, 70% or Better Fohc)
3×8 #1 (No Wane, 70% or Better Fohc)
3×10 #1 (No Wane, 70% or Better Fohc)
3×12 #1 (No Wane, 70% or Better Fohc)

4×6 #1 (No Wane, 100% Fohc)
4×8 #1 (No Wane, 100% Fohc)
4×10 #1 (No Wane, 100% Fohc)
4×12 #1 (No Wane, 100% Fohc)

6×6 #1 (No Wane, 100% Fohc)
6×8 #1 (No Wane, 100% Fohc)
6×10 #1 (No Wane, 100% Fohc)
6×12 #1 (No Wane, 100% Fohc)

4×6 (2&B)
4×8 (2&B)
4×10 (2&B)
4×12 (2&B)

3×4 (2&B)
3×6 (2&B)
3×8 (2&B)
3×10 (2&B)
3×12 (2&B)

6×6 (2&B)
6×8 (2&B)
6×10 (2&B)
6×12 (2&B)