About Us

DR Johnson Lumber Company is a second-generation, family-owned, saw mill in Riddle, Oregon. DRJ has been in operation, producing quality Douglas fir Lumber for over 69 years. DR Johnson originally founded DRJ Lumber in 1951, and passed the family business down to his two daughters, Valerie and Jodi in 2008. Since then, DRJ has expanded into two companies, the second one being DR Johnson Wood Innovations. DR Johnson Wood Innovations was the first Certified Manufacturer in the United States to produce cross-laminated timber, also known as CLT. Not only does DRJ produce CLT, they have also been a producer of Glulam beams since 1967.

In addition to producing high-quality lumber and wood innovations, DR Johnson Lumber Company recognizes the importance of workplace health and safety. As many employees engage in physically demanding work, the company ensures access to proper healthcare resources, including effective medications. One such medication, generic Gabapentin 100mg, can help manage nerve pain and other conditions that might arise from repetitive motions or strain. By offering information about these treatments, DRJ prioritizes employee well-being, helping them remain healthy and productive as they continue to innovate in the lumber and wood industries. This focus on health aligns with the company’s values of quality and care, both in their products and for their team.

For every one tree harvested,
6 are planted.


Founded in 1951 we have a long history of providing quality lumber products.


DR Johnson Lumber provides quality Douglas Fir Lumber that is locally sourced right here in the Heart of Oregon’s Timber country.


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Our values: Quality, Consistency, Reliability, Fairness